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Central Region Senior Baseball Tournament

Tournament History

Tournament Champions

  • 2016    Clear Ridge LL, Chicago, Illinois
  • 2015    Holmes County LL, Holmes County, Ohio
  • 2014    Western LL, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • 2013    Clear Ridge LL, Chicago, Illinois
  • 2012    Western LL, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • 2011    Midland LL, Midland, Michigan
  • 2010    Holmes County LL, Holmes County, Ohio
  • 2009    West Madison National LL, Madison, Wisconsin
  • 2008    Tuscarawas County LL, New Philadelphia, Ohio
  • 2007    Greater Niles LL, Niles, Michigan
  • 2006    Kennedy American LL, Madison, Wisconsin
  • 2005    Urbandale LL, Urbandale, Iowa
  • 2004    Humboldt Park LL, Chicago, Illlinois
  • 2003    Urbandale LL, Urbandale, Iowa
  • 2002    Chet Waggoner LL, South Bend, Indiana
  • 2001    Eastwood LL, Kalamazoo, Michigan
  • 2000    Granville LL, DesMoines, Iowa
  • 1999    Jackie Robinson West LL, Chicago, Illlinois
  • 1998    St Joe's Central LL, Fort Wayne, Indiana
  • 1997    Saginaw LL, Saginaw, Michigan
  • 1996    Maumee LL, Maumee, Ohio
  • 1995    Clarksville LL, Clarksville, Indiana
  • 1994    Midland LL, Midland, Michigan
  • 1993    Center Grove LL, Greenwood, Indiana
  • 1992    Center Grove LL, Greenwood, Indiana
  • 1991    Times Comer LL, Fort Wayne,Indiana
  • 1990    South Gibson LL, Fort Branch, Indiana
  • 1989    Painesville LL, Painesville, Ohio
  • 1988    Ypsilanti Senior LL, Ypsilanti, Michigan
  • 1987    Athens County LL, Athens, Ohio
  • 1986    Midland LL, Midland, Michigan
  • 1985    Archer Manor LL, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1984    Midland LL, Midland, Michigan
  • 1983    Harding LL, Fort Wayne,Indiana
  • 1982    Northwest American LL, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 1981    North Central LL, Taylor, Michigan
  • 1980    Jackie Robinson West LL, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1979    North Central LL, Taylor, Michigan
  • 1978    Burbank National LL, Burbank, Illinois
  • 1977    West Madison LL, Madison, Wisconsin
  • 1976    Grand Rapids S LL, Grand Rapids, Michigan
  • 1975    Clear Ridge LL, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1974    Clear Ridge LL, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1973    Clear Ridge LL, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1972    Lincolnwood LL, Lincolnwood, Illinois
  • 1971    West Madison LL, Madison, Wisconsin
  • 1970    Painesville National LL, Painesville, Ohio
  • 1969    Grandview LL, DesMoines, Iowa
  • 1968    Dayton View LL, Dayton, Ohio
  • 1967    West Madison LL, Madison, Wisconsin
  • 1966    Englewood Hills LLvEnglewood, Ohio
  • 1965    Merrillville LL, Merrillville, Indiana
  • 1964    Windsor-DesMoines LL, DesMoines, Iowa
  • 1963    East Glen Park LL, Gary, Indiana
  • 1962    New London LL, New London, Ohio
  • 1961    Brookpark LL, Cleveland, Ohio

World Series Champions from the Central Region

  • 2016    Clear Ridge LL, Chicago, Illinois 
  • 2005    Urbandale LL, Urbandale, Iowa
  • 1987    Athens County LL, Athens, Ohio

History of Senior League

The inception of Little League Baseball in 1939 for the 9 to 12 year old group has been seen as a milestone in youth sports throughout the world, permitting for the first time organized play of the "national pastime" for the younger age sect.

Some 71 summers ago, concerned adults in Williamsport organized baseball play on a scaled down field for local children. They could not conceive what was being created--a youth movement now recognized as the largest sports program in thw world.

Little League experienced phenomenal growth during the early years, and in 1961 recognized the need to provide a similar program for its own large number of graduates. In this year Senior League was born, played upon a full-sized diamond to accomodate the maturity of the players and provide conformity with convential baseball.

During the same year an experimental "World" series for Senior League was conducted at Bowman 
Field in Williamsport, home of a professional farm club for many years. Participating teams for this tournament were from the United States only, as was the 1962 Series again held in Williamsport. The series became truly international at the Bethlehem, Pennsylvania site in 1963, with an entry from Monterrey, Mexico. Mexico won the series The Senior World Series has been held in various locations and currently held in Bangor, Maine.

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